HEPRU Seminar Series at DIT

18th June 2012: HEPRU (Higher Education Policy Research Unit) will present a seminar on "Internationalizing a Campus: A Case Study of the College of William and Mary" on Wednesday 20th June.


Internationalization efforts on college campuses are on the increase. Fulbright awards provide one venue in which faculty are able to immerse themselves into an international context, develop their teaching and research, and create and maintain connections for partnerships. The research presented in this seminar involved a study conducted in Ireland with both U.S. and Irish Fulbright scholars. A qualitative methodology was applied using a phenomenology design that included 10 scholars; four of these were Irish scholars who had Fulbright awards in the U.S.; and six were U.S. scholars with Fulbright awards in Ireland. The questions guiding the study sought to understand faculty learning in an international context. Ultimately, transformational learning occurred due to critical reflection by faculty members on their experiences. Implications for practice include bridging the faculty experience abroad with opportunities to enhance student learning, providing faculty development opportunities in advance of faculty leaving the country - to allow for enhanced learning, and building theory regarding the integration of learning for faculty members.

Dr. Pamela Eddy

Dr. Pamela Eddy is Associate Professor of Higher Education at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, United States. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Economics from Allegheny College, her Master of Science from Cornell University in Resource Economics, and her Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education from Michigan State University. Dr. Eddy teaches courses in policy, higher education finance, organization and governance, community colleges, and women in education. She has published on community colleges, faculty development, teaching and learning strategies, and gendered leadership. Dr. Eddy received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2009 to conduct research in Ireland on the role of college partnerships in the country’s strategic plan. She received the 2008 Teaching Excellence Award and the 2007 Provost Research Award at Central Michigan University.

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