Irish researchers brief House of Commons on lobbying regulations

30th April 2012: Three Irish academics were invited to Westminster last week to brief the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons on their research into international lobbying regulations. Dr. John Hogan (DIT), Professor Raj Chari (TCD) and Professor Gary Murphy (DCU) are joint authors of Regulating Lobbying: A Global Comparison (published by Manchester University Press).


The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee is charged with reviewing  issues surrounding the introduction of a lobbyist register in the UK.   The issue is of considerable public interest, given the forthcoming legislation and the high profile Levenson Enquiry currently  taking place in London.  While Professor Murphy was unavailable, Professor Chari and Dr. Hogan attended the Committee session.  In their submission, they spoke to the Committee about their  research findings which offer a means for benchmarking potential regulatory regimes.  The session was broadcast live on the House of Commons television channel and an audio recording is available here:

The research undertaken by Dr. Hogan, Professor Chari and Dr. Murphy was funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS).  On previous occasions they have presented their findings on lobbying regulations internationally to members of parliament in the Czech Republic and to members of the Oireachtas in Ireland.  They are currently consulting with the Government Reform Unit of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in relation to the introduction of a lobbying register in Ireland by 2013.

Dr. John Hogan lectures in the College of Business, DIT; Professor Raj Chari is a lecturer in the Department of Political Science, TCD; and Professor Gary Murphy is Associate Professor in the School of Law and Government, DCU.  Their ‘Regulate lobbying’ website can be accessed at


Raj Chari TCD, after committee meeting in Portcullis House, Westminster, UK


John Hogan, DIT, following committee meeting in Portcullis House, Westminster, UK


John Hogan, DIT
Palace of Westminster, UK


Prof Gary Murphy, DCU

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