Jonathan Blackledge - Cryptography and Steganography: New Algorithims and Applications

Honorary Professorship Inaugural Lecture
Friday 4th May, 2012 @ 2:00 pm
Room KE1007 DIT Kevin Street


Overview of the Lecture 

11th April 2012: In October 2011, Jonathan Blackledge gave a series of seminars and short courses at the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS), Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) as part of his position as Distinguished Professorship at WUT. This included a course on  Information and Communications Security which was used to compose a CAS Textbook. The book was published in March 2012 with the title of  Cryptography and Steganoghraphy: New Algorithms and Applications,  ISBN: 978-83-61993-05-6

Edited by Professor Stanislaw Janeczko who heads the CAS and is Director of the Institute of Mathematics at the Polish Academy of Sciences, the book provides an account of how algorithms can be designed to both encrypt and hide information. 
Based on research currently being undertake in the Information and Communications Security Research Group (ICSRG -, this lecture serves two purposes: (i) to formally launch the book (a limited number of copies will be available); (ii) to provide a background on the research being undertaken with regard to the development of new algorithms and applications in the field of Cryptology.

By providing a short historical background on how to design and ‘break’ various ciphers, the lecture introduces an approach to constructing  meta-encryption-engines using deterministic chaos and evolutionary computing. This approach has led to the creation of a new encryption product called Crypstic. 

Based on a Hothouse ‘Technology to License’, Crypstic is a realisation of the technology coupled with a range of covert access techniques implemented on a USB memory stick.  The lecture explains why this approach can help in overcoming the issue of securing data on the ‘Cloud’ using a demonstration of Crypstic and considers the political and economic aspects of Cryptology and the principles upon which homeland security operates with regard to public communications systems.

Further information

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