Making Dublin Better – #4: Dublin Transport Map

20 November 2012: In the recent Irish Times series on how to make Dublin better, journalists Frank McDonald and Olivia Kelly came up with their Top 10 suggestions for “How to build a better Dublin”.  Number 4 in their top 10 is: “Promote a simple, sensible transport map”.  Thankfully, as they went on to explain, this has been done – by DIT graduate Colin Broderick!


Colin, who graduated with BSc in Spatial Planning and now works for Eirgrid, was frustrated by existing maps developed separately by transport providers in Dublin.  Explaining his vision, he said he wanted to provide a way to present public transport users with an integrated view of available transport in Dublin.  “I wanted to visualise transport in the city as a network where there is a possibility to interchange between services”.

Colin has achieved what he set out to do and his integrated transport map is now available to purchase from his website at €5.  As the Irish Times point out, the map includes services that operate on a minimum 15 minute frequency.  As he explains, this is to reassure passengers that it’s possible to turn up at a stop on the route without much need to consult the timetable.

To find out more or to purchase your own copy of “#4 of the Top 10 ways to make Dublin better”, click on Colin Broderick’s website at

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