Medieval marvel as DIT Students build fully functioning trebuchet catapult

14 December, 2012: Students on the DIT Engineering Society have designed and built a fully functioning and full sized medieval Trebuchet.  A Trebuchet is a siege weapon that was commonly used in the middle ages.  They were used to fling projectiles at and over battlements and castle and village walls. Everything from stones to wasp nests and burning sand was thrown from them to try to break down walls and drive people from villages. 


The DIT students Trebuchet  is 3.6m in height and the swing arm is 6.0m high when at rest, and it is capable of firing a 6 kg missile well over 100meters.  DIT President Professor Brian Norton joined the students for the official launch of the Trebuchet in DIT Grangegorman.

Speaking in advance of the launch Imogen Ní Riain, Chair of DIT EngSoc said: “Unfortunately we won't be firing bee's nests or balls of stone as they did traditionally, but we will have some fruit and water-balloons on hand to launch from the machine. “

Further information

The DIT Trebuchet was featured on The Mooney Show, RTE Radio One, click here to listen.

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