Minister Hogan gets live preview of “Ballymun Lullaby” - RTE 1, Tuesday 6th March, 10.15pm

29 February 2012: The Minister for Environment, Community & Local Government, Phil Hogan T.D. got a live preview of “Ballymun Lullaby”, to be broadcast on RTE 1 next Tuesday 6th March at 10.15pm.  Some members of the Ballymun Music Programme visited the Minister in the Custom House this morning to tell him about the programme, and their CD which is also called “Ballymun Lullaby” and is now on sale nationwide for €7.99.


 Minister Phil Hogan conducts members of the Ballymun Music Programme including Jamie Gallagher, Lauren Ormsby, Aidan. D. Maxwell, Katie Anne Marsh, Kasie Reddin and Sarah Louise Keating on the steps of the Custom House.

The film, directed by Frank Berry, is a musical documentary based on the work of Ron Cooney and the Ballymun Music Programme.  Ron is part of the DIT Access and Civic Engagement programme, and has spent over 15 years teaching music in Ballymun.  The music programme involves over 600 children and teenagers and the film “Ballymun Lullaby” tracks the journey music takes them on and the difference it makes to their lives.  The young musicians have played in many venues, including with the RTE orchestra in the Helix.  They have cut their own CD and have touched the lives of children and adults in Ballymun and beyond.  Their story, as told in Ballymun Lullaby, has been shown at film festivals in Ireland, the USA and Canada. 


The Ballymun Music Programme is funded by the Department for Environment, Community & Local Government.  Minister Hogan said:  “I am delighted that my Department has been able to support and encourage the activities of the Ballymun Music Programme by providing funding through the Local and Community Development Programme. I am very encouraged to learn that involvement in the music programme, not only engages young people with an exciting accessible music programme but also fosters their self esteem, provides a positive social environment and opens the door to future education and careers, while at the same time provides an interest for children that they can continue outside school and keeps young people away from negative influences in the area.”

To experience the magic of the Ballymun Lullaby, just tune in to RTE 1 next Tuesday, 6th March, at 10.15pm – and if you buy the CD you will be supporting the Ballymun Music Programme in a very direct way.


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