New DIT sporting facilities at Broombridge – your feedback is invited

16th March 2012: Last year, DIT purchased land at Broombridge near Grangegorman to develop much-needed additional playing pitches for our sports teams. The purchase was funded through the Student Development Fund and exchequer funds. 

Plans have now been developed for the 8.2 acres site and will be submitted in the coming weeks for planning permission. The plans can be accessed below, and there is also a list of FAQs which gives some detail on the nature of the site as it is now and what facilities are planned as part of the redevelopment.


We would appreciate your feedback on the propsed development; please send your comments to the by Wednesday 28th March, 2012.




Where is the site located?


Why is the location famous?

The site is located just beside the Royal Canal at Broombridge Railway station, on the Maynooth line.   


The railway bridge is of historical significance because of its links to renowned mathematician, Sir William Rowan Hamilton.  As the plaque on the bridge reads:

Here as he walked by  on the 16th of October 1843  Sir William Rowan Hamilton  in a flash of genius discovered  the fundamental formula for quaternion multiplication i² = j² = k² = ijk = −1 & cut it on a stone of this bridge

The naming of the new complex may reflect this link with Hamilton. 

What was the site last used for?


How big is the site?

The site was previously a meat cold storage facility then waste paper recycling facility with an indoor sound studio. 


3.34 Ha  (8 acres)

What facilities are planned for the site?



An outdoor floodlit artificial turf pitch to replace existing concrete area; and existing sheds on the site to be refurbished for indoor sporting, recreational and educational uses,


What size will the outdoor pitch be?

The outdoor pitch will be 145m by 90m which can accommodate top level GAA matches (whole pitch) and 2 soccer pitches (across pitch)


What sports can be played on the pitch?

The pitch will have a 3g equivalent all-weather surface which will facilitate multi sport use include, Gaelic games (Football and Hurling), soccer, rugby, ultimate Frisbee and general training for a variety of sports


It will be of a standard compliant with National Governing body technical specifications for soccer, rugby and Gaelic games.

It will be sub dividable for training and competition by smaller numbers – e.g. school groups etc. as required.

What kind of floodlighting will be used?

The lights will stand 24 metres high.  They will be zoned and will be capable of shining different light levels .


How will the pitch be protected?

There will be 16 metre’ ball stop’ nets at the back of all goals (GAA and Rugby)

Netting at 10m high will surround remaining areas

(c. 2.4m wire mesh at base, and material net at higher level)


What about indoor pitches?


There will be a total of 5 indoor training pitch spaces:

-          4 indoor pitch areas (three to accommodate 5-a-sides and 1 to accommodate  8/9 a side and which can also be sub divided in 2).

-          1 pitch area will be of a surface suitable for hockey training (sand-filled astro surface) – also suitable for tennis and soccer

-          3 will be 3g multi-sport surfaces, similar to the outdoor pitch.


Please note that the pitch markings on the drawings are to indicate space available only.

Will other indoor facilities be developed in the future?

A large space, formerly used as a film studio, will be developed for mixed use, incorporating education, recreation and sport.

Additional changing accommodation will be developed to meet the needs of the indoor pitch facilities as they are developed.

A multi-use education / recreation/sports area will be created on the first floor over the new dressing rooms.

What public transport goes to the site?

 Rail:  located beside Broombridge rail station on the Connolly – Maynooth line.  

Bus:  served by the 120 and 122 bus services. 

Luas:  the Luas BX line connecting O’Connell St to Broombridge, via Grangegorman, will be developed by 2017.

Is there car parking on the site?

The planning application will include parking for 91 cars and 4 coaches.

To minimise traffic disruption in the neighbourhood, a one-way entrance and exit system will be developed.


What are the proposed opening hours?

When fully operational it is expected that the facility would be open from 8am to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 9pm on Saturday and Sundays. Initially the centre will only be open when there are people booked in to use it.

What will the overall development cost?

Including the purchase of the site and the overall development, we estimate the cost will be c €6.5million

Will this all be delivered in one go?

Funding is currently in place to develop the large outdoor floodlit all weather pitch, with ancillary changing accommodation.

It is proposed that the remainder of the facility will be developed in phases as grant funding becomes available.

One avenue which is being examined is the possibility of obtaining Sports Capital Grant from the Department of Sport.

Partnerships with other parties will be examined.

Will it be used exclusively by DIT?

During the academic year DIT sports activities will take priority but iwe hope to make the facilities available at reasonable cost to clubs, schools and other community groups in the area.  This will help to fund the development and upkeep of the facilities.

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