Retailing in Ireland: Contemporary Perspectives

30th May 2012: Senator Fergal Quinn, who epitomises successful retailing in Ireland, visited DIT recently to launch “Retailing in Ireland: Contemporary Perspectives” – a book of readings on retailing in Ireland, edited by Edmund O’Callaghan and Don O'Riordan and published by Gill and McMillan. 


Introducing Senator Quinn, Dr. O’Callaghan said it was an honour to welcome him to DIT and as co-editor of the publication, he and Don O’Riordan were most grateful to him for providing a thoughtful and generous introduction.  “This text aims to present a broad review of the Irish retail sector, while delivering unique insights into its operation and the market forces that drive its development.”.


Senator Quinn said he had read the entire publication with great interest.  He didn’t want to single out specific contributors as each played a role in describing the sector from its early history to its current practice, but he wanted to compliment the authors.  “It is the first book of readings on retailing in Ireland and thus fills a gap in the reading requirements of students taking retail or marketing modules or degrees, as well as providing an invaluable review of the industry for practitioners”, he said.  Senator Quinn spoke about some of his own experiences in retailing, emphasising the significance of really listening to customers in order to understand the market.


Drawing principally from the specialised knowledge within the School of Retail and Services Management at DIT’s College of Business, the book is enhanced by contributions from other sources including DIT’s School of Spatial Planning, DIT’s School of Marketing, University of Ulster and Queens University Belfast. The book’s contents centre on seven contemporary themes relevant to retailing in Ireland today. Among these themes are marketing and branding, location and spatial analysis, technology in retail operations, retail strategy, legal and regulatory issues, the economics of retailing and some historical perspectives on contemporary retailing.  Contributors included the following from DIT School of Retail & Services Management:- Contributors to the book include colleagues from the  Schools of Retail and Services Management, School of Marketing, School of Management, and the School of Spatial Planning.  There are also contributions from colleagues in University of Ulster and from Queens University.


From DIT School of Retail & Services Management:  Edmund O’Callaghan, Don O’Riordan, Joan Keegan, Padraig O’Donnell, John Murray, Damian O’Reilly, Cathriona Nash, Mary Wilcox, Bill Dwan; from the DIT School of Marketing:- Aidan O’Driscoll & Rebecca Maughan; from the DIT School of Management:- Marian Jennings; from the DIT School of Spatial Planning, Hendrik Van der Kamp; from the University of Ulster, Barry Quinn and Donald McFetridge; and from Queens University, Belfast, Helen Dixon.






For more photos of the evening, click here.

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