Science Week 2012 at DIT


07 November, 2012: National Science Week kicks off next week and to celebrate DIT has arranged a jam packed programme of fun events aimed at second level students. This year's programme includes talks and demonstrations with intriguing titles such as "The Physics of Martial Arts", "How to Save the Planet in 45 minutes’, and 'The Genetics Revolution'.  Other highlights include the ever-popular physics lectures, which include interactive demonstrations and applications of physics, from the every day to the spectacular. Additionally, we are extremely fortunate to have with us Paolo Nespoli, a European Space Agency astronaut who will tell of his adventures in space and the missions that he has undertaken. 

Events run all week and DIT has invited secondary school students from all over Dublin and further field to its Kevin Street Campus to participate in the many exciting and interactive events being held by DIT.

The aim of Science Week is to promote the relevance of science, engineering and technology in our everyday lives and to demonstrate the importance of these disciplines to the future development of Irish society and to the economy.  Science Week 2012 runs from 12 -18 November.

According to Siobhan Daly, DIT College of Science & Health “Since National Science Week was launched in the late 1990’s DIT has been to the forefront in offering science Week events to second level students and to the public.  This year the College of Sciences and Health will offer an extensive series of engaging and dynamic demonstration lectures.  Indeed, DIT’s Science Week programme this year has proved a big hit and we look forward to welcoming 2000+ second level students to DIT during Science Week 2012.   

Download DIT’s Science Week 2012 programme of events

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