Second Year Architects focus on Monasterevin

1st August 2012: Second year students of architecture in DIT spent the year focusing on the town of Monasterevin in Co. Kildare, and students Claudia Murray and Ryan Hughes presented the year’s work ougheH to Kildare County Council – councillors and staff – and the work then went on public display in the Council offices.


The year began with a study of the town: the uses of the buildings, the morphology of the town, the transport links, the history of how the town developed, the distance people travel to shops, schools. This study then culminated in a strategy for the town. It was concluded from the research that the old centre of the town was not being supported and that much of the new development focussed on out of town locations

The students proposed reinforcing the old town through the densification of the existing town block and the reinforcing of two old node points. This was achieved through a proposed spine which could contain diverse uses such as residential, offices, retail and the nodes were proposed to be reinforced with new civic buildings. Students then developed their own designs to support the overall proposal.

Following the public display in the County Council offices, the students’ work moved to Monasterevin itself last month, where it was again on public display, attracting over one hundred visitors to the exhibition on the first day alone. The model (seen here) has been given to the schools of Monasterevin.

The staff and students of second year would like to acknowledge the support the year got from Students Learning with Communities in DIT who assisted us in this Community Based Learning project and our community partners Kildare Co Council, MAIN and the community of Monasterevin.


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