Skill Masters 5

21st March 2012: This year we are having 5th edition of international break dance competition Skill Masters taking place traditionally in DIT Kevin St. This year sees the event sponsored by Dublin City Council and Spin Fm 1038. Finals have been preceded by eliminations in countries like: Spain, France, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland and Ukraine.The Final event will be held on the 24th and 25th of March 2012. On the First day the audience at Gleeson Hall Theatre, DIT on Kevin Street will have a unique opportunity to see graffiti jam, dance showcases and take part in workshops with invited bboys from all over the Europe. One the Second day the audience will witness the dynamic and explosive battles for places in the Top 16, where bboys are going to compete for 6 places to join 10 already invited bboys (Great 10) to qualify for the quarter finals, semi finals and final.
Skill Masters is in 1 vs 1 battle system.



Great 10

The Great 10 consist of invited bboys and winners of European eliminations. First from the group is bboy Thomaz from Poland who is the winner of the last year finals and is going to defend his title this year. Next invited bboys are: Blanka from Denmark, Legaet from Portugal.

Winners of elimination in :

Poland – CzuCzu/Funky Masons
Spain – Grazie/Fusion Rockers
Ireland – Little Shane/Flava Floors
France – Kody/97X Crew
UK – Rokas/Bad Taste Cru
Ukraine – Deny Rock/Comix Zone
UK - Just Rock/Floor Gangz

Trailer Video:

Organizers of the particular elimination of Skill Masters are coming to Dublin this year as a special guests, and these are: Karol – SM Uk/ Flaying Jalapeños, Artist – SM Spain/ Furious Style Crew, Tanya&Egor – SM Ukraine/Jam Masters, Ismael – SM France/FTZ Crew, Ross & Adam – SM Ireland/Flava Floors and two crews from Europe Ghettlow Pirates from UK and Rockafellaz from Poland.

Day 1:


Kids under 16 years free!!!
Day1 - €5
Day1+Day2 - €15
Day1+Day2+AfterParty - €20




• Workshops at 11:00 – 13:00
• Door’s open at 16:00


DIT Gleeson Hall, Kevin St., Dublin 8


Dj Timber/MZK,BTC – Ireland

• Max/Momentum – Portugal
• Cmx – Ireland


with bboy Blanka:

Graffiti Jam by:

• Dusto
• Crap
• Baqsr


• DIT Break Soc - Ireland
• DIT Dance soc - Ireland
• Blitz - Ireland
• Clickety Clique Crew/Flava Floors – Ireland
• Ghetlow Pirates – UK
• DJ & Beatbox – Poland
• Limerockers – Ireland
• RockaFellaz Crew – Poland
• MomentumCrew – Portugal

Day 2:


Kids under 16 years free!!!
Day2 - €10
Day2+AfterParty - €15




• Competitors 12:00 – Sing ups
• Qualification Round 13:00 - Sharp
• Door’s open for general public at 16:00


DIT Gleeson Hall, Kevin St., Dublin 8


This year judges are:
Bgirl Movie One/Lunaticks Crew from Spain
Bboy Bartazz/King of Warsw from Poland
Dark Marc/Ghost Crew from Norway


All event is going to be conducted by well known Dubliner mc Mexy aka CMX from previous editions of Skill Masters and Max representative of Momentum Crew from Portugal who is also an organizer of one of the biggest break dance event Eurobatttle.


- Timber/Mighty Zulu Kingz, Bad Taste Cru – Ireland/ Spain
- Plash/SSS – Poland

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