University of Chicago students in exchange programme with DIT

16 January 2012: Each year in January the School of Marketing in DIT College of Business welcomes a group of students from Northern Illinois University of Chicago (NIU) as part of a “Sales Exchange Programme”.   The programme is organised by Professor Weilbaker  (NIU) and Laura Cuddihy (DIT) and is now in its seventh year.  This year the visitors from Chicago arrived on 3rd January and have just returned to NIU, having participated in a dedicated sales-focussed programme of lectures and workshops over a two week period.  

According to Laura Cuddihy, this innovative programme came about from a “meeting of minds” between herself and  Professor Dan Weilbaker (NIU) when they met at an international Sales Conference in 2000.   “We felt that we could create an excellent opportunity for our students in DIT and NIU to experience the cultural contexts of both sales education and selling in overseas markets at an affordable price.   The Sales Exchange programme was born out of this context and each year the two colleges exchange students for a two-week dedicated sales-focussed programme on a fee neutral basis.  In addition to the sales education element the students in both markets do a “shadow day” where they travel with a practising sales professional into that market place and experience customer-facing exchanges.

In a reciprocal visit, a group of DIT students will travel to NIU in June 2012 where in addition to the sales education programme they will have the opportunity to live on-campus and immerse themselves in the full American student experience.   According to Laura Cuddihy, “Past participants have found this enjoyable and challenging programme to be extremely beneficial in both job interviews and their own professional careers.”


Pictured with the students from Northern Illinois University of Chicago, Prof. Dan Weilbaker, NIU (left) and Laura Cuddihy, DIT (right)

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