“End of the World – Dawn of a New Era” – Vodafone DIT Fashion Show 2012

21st March 2012:  With Vodafone as Title sponsor, the DIT Fashion Show 2012 is ready to go.  The final nine shortlisted student designs, each portraying the theme of "End of The World – Dawn Of A New Era" have been unveiled for the Vodafone DIT Fashion Show taking place tonight, Wednesday 21st March, in Vicar Street.


The show is now in its ninth year and continues to fill the 1000-seat venue at Vicar Street.  The four members of the judging panel will be stylist Maria Fusco, broadcaster Brendan Courtney, fashion editor at The Irish Independent Weekend Magazine, Bairbre Power, and stylist and writer Angela Scanlon.

This annual event is run entirely by DIT students, and each year a whole new team takes on the challenge of making it happen.  Vodafone Ireland was unveiled as title sponsor of the DIT Fashion Show and Robert Hyland, Sponsorship Manager at Vodafone Ireland ,said: ‘We recognise how important it is to support and nurture young, local fashion talent, especially as Ireland has produced many world-class leaders in fashion and has long had a significant international influence in the industry. We see a tremendous opportunity for Vodafone to really add value to this unique event and we are looking forward to working with the organisers to further develop Vodafone’s involvement with the show.’


Emma Ward ( Designer Michael Power), Niamh Murphy (designer Elaine McGovern), Vita Mak ( designer Aisling Connell), Hana Murphy (designer Tanya Byrne), Odette Devereux (designer Victoria Gryznyk), Coco Jacquot ( designer Hannah Furlong), Gemma Fowler (designer Lisa Wynne), Saoirse Sexton (designer Jennifer Massey), Jessica Cruess Callaghan (designer Ailbhe Devlin).

The competition is intense as usual and the overall winner of the student design element of this annual show run will receive a cash prize of €2,000 and trophy.  Forty-nine student models bring the fashion to the stage, and the award for best male and female model will also be announced.

The nine design finalists in the 2012 Vodafone DIT Fashion Show are:

Lisa Wynne (NCAD) is from Killiney, Dublin and her design is worn by Gemma Fowler who is from Blachardstown, Dublin and studying retail and services management in DIT. Lisa says that her design is a response to the tsunami which hit Japan last year, and the destruction brought upon the victims and communities, destroying thousands of lives. “The construction of each garment is imbued with the element of disruption, echoing the deep disruption that the tsunami brought on Japanese aesthetics; the chaotically cut partially-tailored jacket, the blouse of two completely separate halves, the waves of volume in the culotte trousers.”

storyFashionShow2012Gemma fowler wears design by Lisa Wynne

Gemma fowler wears design by Lisa Wynne

Victoria Gryznyk (NCAD) is from Thomas Street, Dublin and her design is worn by Odette Devereux from Portobello, Dublin who is studying food innovation in DIT.  Victoria chose her theme of ‘religion in the apocalypse.’  Victoria says, ‘I find people’s innate relationship with religion and all that comes with it fascinating. I see it as intrinsically linked to, and steeped within society around the world.’

storyFashionShow2012Model Odette wears design by Victoria Grysnk

Model Odette wears design by Victoria Grysnk

Ailbhe Devlin (Grafton Academy) from Foxrock, Dublin has designed a tsunami inspired outfit worn by Jessica Cruess Callaghan who is from Blackrock, Dublin student of human resource management in DIT.  Ailbhe’s design entry is a structured dress with a combination of different fabrics and textures representing the turmoil, destruction and aftermath of a tsunami.

Michael Power (NCAD) is from Gorey, Wexford and his design which is inspired by the post- apocalyptic world is worn by model Emma Ward from Kells Co. Meath who is studying human resource management in DIT.  Michael says his garment is inspired by the rocks, minerals and crystals which left behind in a post apocalyptic world. He says, ‘The graphic, intricate angles and rich textures found in natural mineral deposits motivated me to use a mixture of fabrics including leather, mesh and wool. The leather and wool has been cut into stripes which are combined in a series of sophisticated folds on a mesh base to produce a floor sweeping garment which bestows upon the wearer a sense of power, strength and movement.’

storyFashionShow2012Model Emma Ward wearing design by Michael Power

Model Emma Ward wearing design by Michael Power

Aisling Connell (NCAD) from Knocklyon, Dublin has designed a piece worn by Niamh Walls who is a DIT student. Aisling’s design consists of two garments, a large outer cape and a skin-tight body suit. The body suit is made from over 60 small pieces of grey power net fabric and blue snakeskin sewn together, giving it a fragmented look, like a mosaic. Layered over this is a large cape made from navy felt and power net. She says, ‘To give the felt a more structured appearance I bonded it onto satin with glue, meaning that the inside of the cape is bright blue, starkly contrasting the dark felt outside. I have suspended strings of chain from the end of the cape using transparent fishing line.’

Jennifer Massey (Grafton Academy) comes from Greystones in Wicklow and her design is modelled by Saoirse Sexton from Clontarf, a student of visual and critical studies in DIT. J ennifer says her design is about death and generations, what is passed on and what is lost. She says, ‘I have designed it by looking at my own grandmother's death, at fading memories and exaggerated misconceptions and secrets that are lost forever’.

storyFashionShow2012Model Saoirse wears design by Jennifer Massey

Model Saoirse wears design by Jennifer Massey

Elaine McGovern (Grafton Academy) is from Ranelagh, Dublin has created ‘The Wallflower’ which is worn by model Niamh Murphy from Drumcondra, who studies baking and pastry arts management in DIT.  Her design is inspired by the strength and force of nature which continues to flourish and thrive in even the bleakest environment. She says, ‘I collected visual examples of decay and deterioration and explored the effects of time and age on the material world. I was greatly inspired by the work of photographer Andrew Moore, who has captured the strange beauty of the many derelict buildings scattered throughout Detroit City which have become overgrown with flowers and plants’.

Hannah Furlong (NCAD) is from Carlow and has designed a piece worn by model Coco Jacquo from Paris who studies business management in DIT. The piece is tailored with an Egyptian cotton white shirt with a black button stand. The collar has rectangular cut out sections, giving it a glimpse of the black under-collar. The colours are dark. The cut is formal but considers a new approach, combining deconstructed elements of menswear, with feminine lines. The overall look is clean, minimal, masculine and tailored.

storyFashionShow2012Model Coco Jacqout wearing design by designer Hannah Furlong

Model Coco Jacqout wearing design by designer Hannah Furlong

Tanya Byrne (Grafton Academy), from Saggart, Co. Kildare, has designed a piece worn by model Hana Murphy who is from Killiney, Dublin and is studying film and broadcasting in DIT.  Tanya’s design represents re-growth, linking with the ‘Dawn Of A New Era’ theme.  It is a leather/wool coat with leather sleeves with lace up wool trousers.

Tickets and Further Information

Tickets for “End of the World – Dawn of a New Era” – Vodafone DIT Fashion Show 2012 cost €25 or €20 for students and are available from Tickets.ie

The DIT Fashion Society is one of 80 clubs and societies in DIT with some 6,000 student members involved in their wide-ranging activities.. All societies place heavy emphasis on the experience students gain from managing and participating in productions, campaigns and events, such as the DIT Vodafone Fashion Show.

For further information, see www.ditfashionshow.ie and http://ditfashionshow.blogspot.com/

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