Volunteering Awards 2011/12

24th April 2012: Awards were presented today to 140 DIT students who volunteered their time to participate in mentoring second level students and encouraging them to consider continuing their education to third level.  The Volunteering Awards were hosted by the DIT Access Service and Chaplaincy, and the Awards were presented by the President of DIT, Professor Brian Norton.


The Volunteering Awards acknowledge the work of DIT students who participated in three initiatives developed by the Access Service.

  • Peer Mentoring Programme: this initiative involves current Access students undertaking to mentor 1st year Access students.  The mentors undertake a day long training course in September and throughout the year they stay in regular contact with first year Access students.  The new students benefit greatly from the experience of their peer mentors with whom they can discuss issues ranging from academic and financial to more social topics.
  • Supervised Study: DIT students link with students from inner city secondary schools for supervised study.  The secondary school students regularly visit DIT where they receive academic support from DIT students. Feedback has shown that secondary school students who participate receive high marks in their leaving cert ‘mocks’ as a result of this additional tuition from DIT students.
  • Shadowing Day:  Again, students from inner city schools ‘shadow’ DIT students during a typical day of college, from lectures to library and the students union.  The schools have lower rates of progression from second level to third level, and this initiative gives them an opportunity to experience a little of what college life is like.

Congratulating the student volunteers, the President of DIT, Professor Brian Norton, said that these initiatives reflect the degree of engagement that DIT has established within the inner city schools and community.  He said engagement was an important part of the DIT mission and he thanked the students for their commitment and support.  He also acknowledged the work of colleagues in the Access Service and Chaplaincy in encouraging and motivating the spirit of volunteerism.

Also present to congratulate the students were Dr Noel O’Connor, Director of Student Services, Dr Micheal Mulvey, Director of Academic Affairs, Ms Liz Fitzpatrick, Guidance Counsellor in Presentation School, Warrenmount, and Mr. Richard Haywood Jones, DIT Lecturer and Supervised Study Coordinator.  were also presentat the event alongside staff of the DIT Access Service and Chaplaincy.




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