DIT Sports project shortlisted for Coca Cola Thank You Fund


05 September 2013: The Developing Young People through Sport and Physical Activity programme, in which DIT is a key collaborator, has been shortlisted for the Coca Cola Thank You Fund.

The programme is a shared project between DIT, Dublin City Council, Dublin City Sports Network and Whitefriar/Aungier Area Community Council.

The project aims to develop a range of sport and recreation opportunities for young people in the inner city area. It will provide a quality training and educational programme, focusing particularly on children from disadvantaged communities.

The aim is to involve 120 young people in an 8 month programme delivered by sports personnel employed in DIT’s Sports Service.

Parents of the young people taking part will also be involved in workshops and the project will foster positive relationships between young people in the local community and DIT students.

This project is built on the successful framework of the ‘Women in Sport’ programme, supported in the past by the DIT Annual Fund. DIT Foundation and DIT Sports are two main movers in promoting this new programme.

The Coca Cola Thank You Fund will award a top prize of €25,000 and 10 awards of €10,000. Voting closes on 30 September – for more information, visit http://www.dit.ie/ditfoundation/newsevents/news/archive/cocacolatyfund/.

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