DIT launches innovative Weight and Health Management Programme for students

6 Week Clinical Weight and Health Management Programme for students


Fact: 70% of Irish men and 52% of irish women are now overweight or obese
Fact: Carrying extra weight can increase your risk of serious disease in later life
Fact: If you're struggling with your weight, and are a DIT student, we can help you!

In order to help to improve the health and general well being of our students, DIT’s award winning Student Health Centre, in collaboration with Dieticians at the DIT School of Biological Sciences, is trialling a 6-week Weight Loss Programme for Students. This programme has been developed by fully-qualified dieticians in DIT, in cooperation with medical and nursing staff at the DIT Student Health Centre. This trial has been designed to assess the effectiveness of delivering clinical weight loss advice online. The service will be free, completely confidential and will be offered entirely online for maximum convenience and privacy. All DIT students are eligible to join the programme.

What's involved?

At the beginning of the trial programme, you'll be privately weighed and measured. You'll then receive login details for the free online weight management app where you'll register your user account. On entering your user account for the first time, you'll answer a few simple questions and the system will provide you with your initial personalised dietary prescription for weight loss.

Each week for the following six weeks, you'll receive an emailed progress report with an invitation to login again, retake your dietary assessment and receive additional personalised dietary advice which will help you to lose weight. Each weekly report will also explain the psychological barriers to dietary change, and will provide you with advice on how these barriers can be overcome to achieve successful, lasting weight loss.

At the end of the six week programme you'll have another private weigh-in, enabling you to see the great progress you've made towards a slimmer, fitter, healthier you.

What next?

So, if you've always wanted to trim down but weren't sure how to do this, now's your chance to get the weight down once and for all. Grab the opportunity and give us a call .... you'll be delighted you did! For further details or to book a place on this programme, please contact dit@dieticio.com

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