DIT Rooftop Lab provides international training site

29 January 2013: The high-quality research meteorological located on the roof of the Kevin Street campus of DIT is part of a longterm collaborative project between DIT, NUI Maynooth and UCD (http://www.dit.ie/news/archive2012/ditrooftoplabmeasuresurbanclimatology/). Installed last year, the equipment measures the exchanges of heat, moisture and radiation energy between the urban landscape and the overlying atmosphere. This week the lab was host to an international group of researchers, as well as those from Ireland.


According to researcher Keith Sunderland of DIT, “The DIT rooftop in Kevin Street has proved to be an ideal location for the lab and the information being collected will help researchers to gain a better understanding of the effect cities have on climate.”

One of the partners involved in the project is LiCor, a world leader in the design and manufacture of environmental equipment. LiCor has provided an instrument capable of measuring the flux of CO2, which records the contribution of the surrounding area to global greenhouse gas concentrations by observing the CO2 generated by traffic, heating systems, etc.


As part of the collaboration agreement with LiCor, the DIT rooftop lab will be used as an example of best practice and as a site for training of national and international researchers in the field. This week the first training exercise on Eddy Covariance methods took place, with twenty-five participants from Ireland and abroad. LiCor expect to have further events on the site in the future.

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