DIT Teams in National Undergraduate Robotics Competition

19 January 2013: Two teams of third year engineering students from DT009, the level 7 Degree in Electrical and Control Engineering, represented DIT at the second annual Intervarsity Robo Sumo competition. The competition pitched 16 robotics teams from different 3rd level institutions, including DIT, TCD, NUIM, UCD and GMIT against each other.  The competition was a compelling showcase of university-level robotics design, and was incorporated into the First Lego League event (for primary and secondary level students) which was held on Saturday 19th January in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway. 


DIT RoboSumo challengers Michael Kennelly and Aidan Heffernan, 3rd Year students of engineering in DIT

Damon Berry, lecturer in Engineering, is one of the mentors of the Robo Sumo teams in DIT.  Explaining the nature of the challenge the teams face, Berry said “The objective of the Robo Sumo challenge is to develop a completely independent robot with sensors; a microprocessor that has been programmed by the students to "think" independently; and a motor controller. To win the challenge, the team has to programme the microprocessor on each Sumobot to search out the opposing Sumobot during a bout and to succeed in pushing the opponent off the table.”


The DIT teams constructed their Robots from industrial parts and components.  The robots must conform to the international rules of the competition, measuring less than 10cm x 10cm in size and weighing less than 0.5kg. The two teams were selected from the teams who won the highly successful annual DIT Robo Sumo competition for student engineers which is now entering its 6th year. 


Congratulating the team members on their valiant challenge performance, Berry said the two DIT teams had been excellent competitors but victory escaped them on this occasion.  The team members were

Team One: Aidan Heffernan, Michael Kennelly and Kyle Lawson

Team Two: Paul Leamy, Gian Lorenzo and Eamon Fennell

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