Focas Research Institute gets costumed up for Hallowe’en


01 November 2013: The Focas Research Institute decided to celebrate Hallowe’en by putting aside the microscopes and the test tubes and instead to direct its scientific knowledge to the pursuit of the perfect fancy dress costume. Long hours in the lab were replaced by long hours at the sewing table and experiments of a different kind were carried out.

Just how easy is it to turn your eyes red? Can you manage to turn one half of your hair one colour and the other half a completely different colour? How pale is too pale? And, an important question for anybody considering a science career, what happens if labware ends up stuck to your face?


This and many other important questions were answered as the students at Focas slowly transformed into their ghoulish alter-egos. Rachel Fagan completed her transformation into Natalie Portman’s Black Swan but discovered that the ballet skills did not come with the costume. Anna Murphy became Cruella de Vil and thankfully managed to do so without hurting a single dalmatian. It’s unlikely any wolf will be brave enough to trouble Dervil Cody’s Little Dead Riding Hood. And Lina Persechini’s BioWaste Girl reminds us to be ever vigilant in our pursuit of science.

The Focas Institute is a Research Facility in DIT that provides state of the art core laboratory support in microscopy and spectroscopy for a range of research groups and activities. For more information see:

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