Get involved and learn new skills - DIT LEAD/SEAD programme open for applications


14 October 2013: The DIT LEAD/SEAD programme for 2013/2014 is now open for applications.

Both modules on the programme aim to develop students’ skills in key areas such as leadership and to develop employability skills through engagement in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering, mentoring and involvement in DIT clubs, societies and DITSU.

The SEAD module stands for Succeed Engage Achieve Develop. It’s an accredited professional development module and every participant on SEAD is expected to attend four one-day workshops. Students who successfully complete SEAD and LEAD modules will receive academic credits as well as an award.

LEAD stands for Lead Engage Achieve and Develop. The module, along with SEAD, aims to recognise and award credit to the important learning that takes place outside the confines of formal academic study and which contributes to an overall enhanced student experience.

Students who have a track record of active involvement and leadership in voluntary extra-curricular activities in clubs, societies, Students’ Union and/or the community are prime candidates to apply for the LEAD module.

The workshops in the LEAD/SEAD programme take place in October, February, March and April. Most students will be allocated a place on SEAD. However for those students showing outstanding potential for leadership, a place on LEAD will be allocated. All students will attend four days’ training together. Students who are on LEAD will attend a fifth day’s training.

The programme gives students a chance to develop their skills and enhance their student experience. More and more students look towards extra-curricular activities for experience to gain the competitive edge over other graduates, which they know will put them in a better position to secure a graduate job.

It’s anticipated that there will be high demand for the programme and applicants should fill in an online questionnaire.

You can watch a Prezi clip here about the programme -

The deadline for applications is 9am on 18 October and you can register here - The first session takes place on 18 October from 10am to 3pm.

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