in|discussion - public lecture series 2013 : The Photography of Philosophy with John Mullarkey

6pm Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

Lecture Room G6, School of Art Design and Printing,

DIT, 41 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1



10th January 2013: François Laruelle’s concept of ‘non-standard philosophy’ is said to expand the definition of what counts as philosophical thought. However, this gesture goes beyond merely relativizing thought within a neo-liberal pluralism that is actually indifferent to philosophy (‘all opinions are valid’) or anarchizing science as part of a methodology where ‘anything goes’. Rather, the ‘flat’ thought Laruelle strives for is democratic because it is materialized in different ways, some of them ‘scientific’ (quantum physics, fractal geometry), some of them aesthetic (cinema, photography). The non-standard philosophy of photography, for instance, is not simply the generation of new thoughts (about appearances, subjectivity, light, etc) through an unorthodox source, but the materialization of all thought through a photography of philosophy. In this talk, I want to explore such a photography of philosophy as a non-philosophical practice, especially in terms of the materiality of photographic practice as it involves posture, figure/ground, definition, and resolution – not as mere metaphors, but as already actualised mutations of what counts as philosophical practice.

John Mullarkey is Professor of Film and Television Studies at Kingston University, London. He has also taught philosophy and film theory at the University of Sunderland, England (1994-2004) and the University of Dundee, Scotland (2004 to 2010). He has published Bergson and Philosophy (1999), Post-Continental Philosophy: An Outline (2006), Philosophy and the Moving Image: Refractions of Reality (2010), and co-edited Laruelle and Non-Philosophy (2012) and The Bloomsbury Companion to Continental Philosophy (2013). He is an editor of the journal Film-Philosophy, and chair of the Society for European Philosophy. His work explores variations of 'non-standard-philosophy', arguing that philosophy is a subject that continually shifts its identity through engaging with supposedly non-philosophical fields such as film theory and animal studies (the realm of 'outsider thought' with which he is most acquainted). He is currently working on a book entitled Reverse Mutations: Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy.

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