Launch of Research Foundation for Music in Ireland at DIT

22 April 2013:  The Research Foundation for Music in Ireland (RFMI) was officially launched by Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT at the Conservatory of Music and Drama.  The launch coincided with a one-day symposium on “The Symphony in Ireland”.  A highlight of the symposium was the performance by the DIT Camerata of the recently re-discovered Alday Symphony.

Research Foundation for Music

 Launching the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland at DIT – Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, with Director and Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism, John O’Connor, and colleagues.

According to Dr. Kerry Houston, DIT lecturer and Director of RFMI, “The Foundation aims to promote the dynamic musical life of Ireland, manifested in performance, musicology, pedagogy, and composition. The term “music in Ireland” includes the broadest spectrum of musical experience in this country; that is, both music in Ireland and music of Ireland. Given the centrality of music to Ireland’s culture, the research foundation aims to advance the study and performance of music in Ireland to national and international audiences, as well as to the scholarly community and the music industry.”

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Dr. Gordon Munro, Head, Conservatory of Music and Drama (left) with Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT and Dr. Kerry Houston, lecturer and Director of the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland

The “Symphony and Ireland“ Symposium examined the context and trajectory of the symphony in, and of, Ireland, bringing together leading international academics and contemporary Irish symphonic composers to discuss the composition and consumption of the genre in Ireland. The catalyst for symposium was the recent discovery of the missing parts of Alday’s Symphony, composed some 200 years ago. These were uncovered in the un-catalogued music collection in the National Library of Ireland by DIT researcher, Dr. Catherine Ferris, who spoke about the excitement of the discovery during the symposium. The missing parts were digitally transcribed by students in the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, and the DIT Camerata, conducted by Keith Pascoe, performed the symphony as part of the Symposium programme – its first performance since the early 19th century.

The Symposium took place in association with the Society for Musicology in Ireland & the National Library of Ireland
An International Association for Music Libraries, Archives & Documentation Centres (UK & Irl) Jubilee Celebration Event

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