MBS International Retail Management Market Visit 2013


13 June 2013: DIT students on the MBS in International Retail Management have just returned from a study tour of major retailers in London and Paris, accompanied by Dr. Edmund O'Callaghan. As part of their itinerary in London students were hosted by Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis, Wholefoods, Primark, and Austin Reids. In Paris they were received by the famous Galleries Lafayette and also visited a number of unique concept stores in the city. They also participated in Master classes at the London College of Fashion, and in Novancia Business School in Paris.

Both fulltime and partime students took part in this year's Study Tour which is an important part of the MBS in Retail Management programme, giving students an opportunity to see the application of theory in different retail contexts. Here are some of their comments:

"The study tour held in London and Paris was the greatest addition to my learning experience in DIT. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit iconic retail stores and having first hand experience of how brands evolve through innovation and differentiation was a valuable lesson for me. I was very much captivated by Harrods with their retail theatre effect throughout the store and Paris was simply magnificent in their art of merchandising and retail store design. The personal interaction we had with the people who make the famous brands we all know today has widened my knowledge of the dynamic retail environment in the real world".

Orlean Lyndem -International MBS Student 2012


"Having completed the direct contact elements of the MBS retail Management course (DT388), I would have to say the international study week was the highlight of the year and was one of the primary reasons for selecting the programme to begin with. It was a unique and fantastic opportunity to meet and engage with the top management of these organisations who provided great access to their stores, happily fielded questions and divulged a wealth of information in relation to retail management in their respective corporate environments. The week allowed us to see retail concepts/practices first hand in a real world environment and conceptualise theory learned throughout the year. While the schedule for the week was quite hectic it was also a very enjoyable week to spend with the class and definitely something to look forward to when selecting the MBS Retail management course.

(Gabrielle Kearney MBS 2012)


"The international study tour was one of the highlights of the MBS retail course. It offered us the opportunity to see first hand how retailers in other countries embrace new innovations and technologies, and how retail concepts from other countries could be transferred to the Irish retail sector. It also demonstrated the need for retail to stay updated with innovations and be first to market with new ideas and concepts. A very enjoyable and worthwhile experience for both the experienced retail studentand those starting their careers in the sector." Victoria Doyle (MBS 2012) The international study tour week was the highlight of the MBS so far. It is an intense experience, incorporating valuable insights from the world's leading retailers, unique views on the most current issues in retail and most importantly broadening your own views on retailing in general. It is an eye-opening experience that will remain with you throughout your studies and future career.

Patrick Wall (Retail Manager, Plantagen Ireland/ Part-Time MBS Retail Management 2012)

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