Naked Eye Observatory by Anna Pierce and Nacelle Factory by James O'Toole

Presentation of The Boglands Book

14 February 2013: Boglands, a record of the collaborative thesis project by students of architecture, has been published in book form. Graduate, Brian Jordan, who edited the Dublin School of Architecture publication alongside Donnchadha Gallagher and Paul Maher, presented a signed copy of the book to Mr Gerry Ryan, Head of Land and Property at Bord Na Mona on behalf of Dublin Institute of Technology.
The presentation took place at Bord Na Mona Head offices in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.


From Left to Right: Dominic Stevens, Module Coordinator Fifth Year Architecture DIT, Dermot Boyd, Module Coordinator, Fifth Year Architecture DIT, Mr Gerry Ryan, Director of Land and Property, Company Secretary, Bord na Mona, Brian Jordan, Architectural Graduate DIT and editor of the Boglands Book, Pat Ring, Head of Property Development , Sean Creedon, Senior Innovation Project Manager, Bord na Mona & David Keane, Head of Organisational Development, Bord Na Mona

The Boglands project was undertaken by the students and staff of the final year (Year 5) of the architecture degree programme in 2011-12 at DIT. It was kindly supported by Bord na Mona.

Mr Pat Ring, Head of Property Development who worked directly with the School on the project, congratulated all the students on the ingenuity and hard work that they brought to the Boglands project. He suggested that it was in a particularly free and creative environment of a third level institution like DIT that innovative and alternative solutions could be found to re-vitalise the depleted peatlands in the Midlands owned by Bord na Mona for a future generation. There was much to examine within the book but he highlighted Anna Pierce's Naked Eye Observatory as a project of particular interest: its function stood outside the remit of Bord Na Mona but its vision for the landscape complemented closely Bord Na Mona's promotion of recreational use as developed presently at the Lough Boora Parklands in Co Offaly.


Brian Jordan thanked Bord Na Mona for their support. He said that initial concerns about the vastness and emptiness of the landscape of the depleted peatlands quickly evaporated as each architectural student began to examine the richness and the uniqueness of this terrain. Accepting the book on behalf of Bord na Mona, Mr Gerry Ryan, Head of Land and Property, commented on the importance of the project as a means of altering the way that we see the land and particularly the bog or peatland in Ireland. The perception and understanding of this unique landscape, which is owned by Bord na Mona in trust for the citizens of Ireland, remains a central interest of the organization.


Speaking on behalf of the Dublin School of Architecture, Lecturer Dermot Boyd said "Ethics and aesthetics are at the core of the School's wish to design a sustainable future." Bord na Mona's support for a research project such as this is very significant, and the choice of the site of Derrygreenagh Bog with its diversity of sites and architectural possibilities was both challenging and exciting. Bord Na Mona's need to support enterprise and employment in the midlands region became essential to the Boglands Project and added a realism to the students' projects. For instance, the ingenuity of James O'Toole's Nacelle Factory,located on the original Derrygreenagh Works site, would re-invent the site and provide a sustainable future for the boglands and Bord Na Mona alike.

The Boglands book is available for purchase through RIAI bookshop and directly through the Dublin School of Architecture
(Contact Paul Moore - at a price of €10.00.

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