New course for 2014 entry – BSc. in Computer Science (International)


03 December 2013: One of two new DIT programmes approved for 2014 entry is the BSc. in Computer Science (International).

This programme (DT282) is designed as a four-year honours degree in core computing and programming skills with a key international and globalisation focus. It offers graduates highly sought IT industry skills, a foreign language and a vital understanding of internationalisation.

The programme will be offered as a joint international bachelor’s degree with a number of international colleges worldwide. The initial partners include the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany, and the University of Applied Sciences in Oulu, Finland.

The foreign languages taught in this programme are Chinese and German with international and certain EU students whose native language is not English being taught English for academic purposes.

International work experience is a key part of Year 3 of the programme. To find out more about the BSc. in Computer Science (International), visit‌computerscienceinternational/

The second new DIT programme approved for 2014 is DT514 – Languages and International Tourism (Chinese). Find out more at



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