Praise for work of DIT students at Peter Rice Exhibition


Some of the DSA staff and students involved in the exhibition material

01 November 2013: The work of DIT students and staff was praised at the opening of the exhibition ‘Learning from Peter Rice – Under the Skin’ at the NCAD Gallery.

The analytical workbooks, A1 posters and models by the third and fourth year architectural technology students from the Dublin School of Architecture (DSA), which form the bulk of the exhibition, were particularly acknowledged as demonstrating a clear understanding of the immense engineering skills and the collaborative working method of Peter Rice.

Professor Declan McGonagle, Director of the NCAD, Architect Seán O Laoire, Chair of the Board of NCAD and Peter Flynn, Director at Arup Consulting Engineers all thanked the Dublin School of Architecture for its major contribution to this exhibition and expressed a desire that the excellent students’ work could be catalogued and retained in some way. They also noted the high professional standard of the models and interpretative drawings.

The exhibition, which was a huge success, closed on 31 October. The student work that went into the exhibition was the result of a 3-week collaborative project entitled, Connection and Collaboration: Lessons from Peter Rice, which was led by DSA staff members Sima Rouholamin and Jim Roche.


Some of the crowd at the exhibition opening

The students undertook a systematic analysis of eleven of Peter Rice’s best-known projects. The exhibition also contains analytical texts on ‌ Rice’s work by fourth year architecture students and an interpretative model of the Full Moon Theatre, Peter Rice’s last project, by recent DSA architectural graduates Samuel Teo and Mark Walker.

The opening ceremony was followed by a colloquium, chaired by Prof Kevin Barry, editor of “Traces of Peter Rice” (Lilliput Press, 2012), which explored the relevance of Rice’s legacy on education, and practice in Architecture, Engineering and Design. Speakers included Noel Brady and Cormac Allen from the Dublin School of Architecture. Many of the speakers acknowledged the different approaches between architects and engineers and called for more collaboration, including during their education, between the two disciplines - in the spirit of Peter Rice.

Peter Rice (1935–92) is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished structural engineers of the late twentieth century. He combined contemporary tools of computer-analysis and mathematics with a sensibility for materials, natural light, and structure. He collaborated with many famous architectural practices on what have now become iconic works of architecture such as the Sydney Opera House, the Centre Pompidou, Lloyds of London and Kansai Airport.

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