Purdue University band is on the march to Dublin


11 March 2013:  According to the Purdue University website “Black and gold goes green this March when the Purdue "All-American" Marching Band visits Ireland to participate in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade.”

DIT colleagues who attend the parade will give a special cheer for Purdue, with which we have close connections including student and staff exchanges in the fields of business, dietetics and engineering.  In fact, the band will pass by DIT Kevin Street towards the end of the parade route on Sunday 17th March.   


The Purdue travel party will include no less than 300 band members and more than 200 accompanying family and friends.  They will spend a week in Ireland, culminating with the Dublin parade.  For the first time, the 91-year-old Big Bass Drum will travel with the band - even though the marching band has made appearances in locations from China and Japan to Venezuela and The Netherlands, the drum has never accompanied the band because of the challenging logistics of its size and weight.

Jay Gephart, the "All-American" Band's director, is delighted that the band will be bringing the famous Parade to a close.  "Once again, the Purdue 'All-American' Marching Band finds itself in a place of honor in one of the world's great parades," he said. "What a wonderful opportunity we have to represent Purdue, our state and nation in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin. To serve as the exclamation mark in one of the most entertaining events in the world is more than an honor. We are very humbled."

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