Science Week at DIT


05 November 2013: National Science Week takes place from 10-17 November and once again, DIT is involved in lots of events.

The College of Sciences and Health will host no less than 11 separate events to celebrate the week. The events are primarily aimed at second level students and at least 2,500 young people are anticipated to visit DIT during National Science Week.

It’s hoped that by students participating in National Science Week, they become more engaged with science subjects and also have a positive experience with science at DIT.

The line-up of events this year includes “Biology at the Movies – Separating Science Fiction from Science Fact”, “Unbelievable Science Tricks and Stunts” and “The Air that we Breathe”.

Science Week 13 programme

Meanwhile, a showcase of collaborative projects between DIT science students and community groups/not-for-profit organisations will be on display at DIT Kevin Street. Amongst the science projects on display will be chemistry students working on test farms with the Irish charity Wells for Zoe in Malawi and human nutrition and dietetics students working with older people from Dublin City Council housing complexes on their diet goals.

The other projects include pharmacy technician students tutoring pupils in Larkin Community College in biology and optometry students doing vision screenings with pupils in local schools and in Mozambique.

The exhibition will be on display from 9-16 November (Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm and Saturday 8.30am to 5pm).

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