Second Product Camp Dublin event takes place at DIT


19 June 2013: The second Product Camp Dublin day-long event attracted more than 150 product managers, product marketers, students and others interested in the field.

Product Camp Dublin is a collaborative, user organised unconference – which means it doesn’t take the traditional form of a conference. Instead, participants at Product Camp Dublin suggested topics for the sessions and those with the highest numbers of votes were selected.

The sessions, which took place on the Fourth Floor of DIT Aungier Street, included discussions on bad UX design, personas, how to set pricing and how to protect a brand and intellectual property. The event was truly interactive with a healthy discussion taking place on Twitter, through the hashtag #pcdub.

This is the second year in a row that DIT has hosted and co-sponsored the event, which is organised by a number of product managers from industry as well as some staff from the MSc. in Product Management in DIT.


The organising committee included staff from Oracle, Movidius, Prime Carrier, S3 Group, Fineos, Product Innovator and IBM.

Product management is the management of a product from conception to launch and is increasingly seen as being a crucial component of a successful business.

Everyone at Product Camp Dublin was encouraged to be a participant rather than an attendee – meaning they got a chance to present, lead a roundtable discussion, share their experiences, help secure sponsorships or volunteer. The day-long event was also a great opportunity for those working in product management and those hoping to work in the field to network.

Bob Tait, who works for Movidius, introduced everyone to the event and thanked DIT for hosting the event. He noted that DIT has become a centre of excellence for product management.

He also thanked all of the helpers, volunteers and sponsors of the event.

After the last session finished around 5.30pm and some awards for best in camp were presented, the participants retired to nearby Solas Bar for finger food and drinks.


Internationally recognised thought leader and author on product management, Steven Haines, with the MSc. in Product Management class at DIT during his visit earlier this year


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