Welfare November – What’s happening where?


Welfare November is brand new type of welfare campaign – 4 weeks with 4 themes.

Week 1: Physical Health (Diet, exercise & sports)

Week 2: Vices (Drink, drugs & smoking)

Week 3: Mental Health (Relaxation, balance & tea)

Week 4: Stress (Maths, money, sex & exams)

Week 1 was an amazing success; between Fit2Go, DIT Nutrition Society, DIT Health Centre, Top Fruit DIT Sports and DITSU Welfare Crew we managed to pull off a Cycle Bike Challenge, a Strength Test, an online 5 day health eating challenge, flyers on Fad Diets and hand out nearly 3,000 apples to 8 DIT sites in a single week! Hope everyone is a little healthier now and is getting enough of the D too (check the posters and Facebook for the reference!).

Week 2 will focus on Vices; we will be working mostly online with media partners Spunout.ie. We will be linking you various information and supports available throughout the week. On Wednesday we will have the DIT Health Centre out in Kevin St with their Beer Goggles (feels like being drunk whilst being perfectly sober!) challenging students to various tasks like walking a straight line and putting a condom on a penis demonstrator to see how much an effect alcohol has on our abilities.

Week 3 is our Mental Health Week. We will be running a road show across 6 DIT sites in 4 days! The national message for mental health this week is “More Talk, More Action”, a campaign designed by USI, aimed at making a conversation about mental health easier to start. We will be handing out hundreds of Mental Health Packs (containing 2 free teabags!) over the 4 days so students can get their cup of tea, sit down with someone and talk. Inspire Ireland will also be on site with their Note to Self – you can post a note to your future self that will arrive in a few months’ time! On Tuesday evening we will be having a movie night (Fight Club) in Bolton St with DIT Karting Club, DIT GAA and DIT Engineering Society at which former DIT student Alan O’ Mara will be speaking about Stress, Success and the Sigerson.

Week 4 will wrap the month up with a focus on things that stress students (maths, money, sex and exams to name a few!). DIT Students Union are aiming to help students deal with these stresses and signpost them to the people and services that can help them the most. We will also be working closely with DIT Sports and DIT Circus and Juggling Society to provide some free Yoga for beginners throughout the week. DIT Disney Society will also be on board with a few movie showings throughout the week!

Welfare November will hopefully be a new and engaging way to make students more aware of all aspects of their health and how to improve it – hope you enjoy.

Fiachrá Duffy

Vice President for Welfare,

DIT Students Union


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