DIT collaborates on EU funded Global Housing Research Programme


DIT has been selected to participate on a three-year international housing research programme worth a total of €750,000.  Called the OIKONet Consortium and funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union, the goal of the three year project is to create a space of collaboration to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective.

Noel Brady and Jim Roche (DIT Project Co-ordinator) from the Dublin School of Architecture (DSA) and Dr. Lorcan Sirr from the School of Surveying and Construction Management are representing the DIT in the project. OIKOnet will provide a structure to foster the exchange among research groups and higher education institutions, to interlink research activities and from DIT’s perspective, the project will enable DIT students and staff that are involved in housing projects to share their work and engage in pedagogical discourse with international colleagues.


The OIKONET consortium is made of 30 partners from 26 European countries and 4 partners outside Europe. Educational and research institutions from the following cities are involved in the network: Barcelona, Valencia, Bratislava, Cottbus, Lugano, Goteborg, Rotterdam, Vilnius, Skopje, Oradea, Ljubljana, Aalborg, Riga, Nicosia, Preston, Grenoble, Oslo, Kocali, Sofia, Bologna, Lisbon, Belgrade, Bialystock, Budapest, Istanbul, Volgograd, Santiago, San Juan and Nairobi.

Each year there will be series of events in which DIT staff and students will participate namely: one major conference, one weeklong site-specific workshop including an exhibition and several sub-network seminars. An interactive digital platform will also be created to facilitate access to learning resources to institutions. The OIKOnet reader - a detailed publication - will conclude the three-year programme.

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