DIT graduate elected to national Union


DITSU President Glenn Fitzpatrick elected to USI

DITSU President Glenn Fitzpatrick has been elected to the national union, USI as Vice-President for Campaigns for 2014/2015.  Following the announcement Fitzpatrick spoke about his election and his aspirations for the role ahead;

“I am immensely proud to have gotten the vote of confidence from students nationally.  It will be my job to make sure that every message that USI coordinates is relevant to an ever-diversifying student population, be that continuing the discourse on mental health troubles that continue to plague our society or ensuring that students are, as we always have been, to the fore of social change in Irish society by bringing home a YES vote in the pending referendum on Marriage Equality. As a graduate of the School of Media, I feel like my understanding of the philosophy behind communications can aid the student movement in getting its' message across to wider society and Government. I will also be using a lot of what I learned here in DIT (where a strong Students' Union has always been embedded into governance and quality structures) to go about championing strong Students' Unions nationwide, so that we as a movement can progress.  A strong student movement is the only thing that can give the most vulnerable a fighting chance and that can fight for equality of opportunity at every level.”



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