DIT hosts interactive engineering show for local secondary school students


12 February, 2012:         Cannons, vortexes, fire-balls and vacuums were just some of the spectacular demonstrations witnessed by over 300 local secondary school students in a fast paced interactive engineering show hosted by DIT recently.  The local secondary school students were treated to an entertaining day which showed how science and engineering affects everyday life.  Hosted as part of Engineers Week 2014 by DIT’s Mathlethes Society (a new society formed by DIT students  to provide free maths tuition to local secondary school students) in conjunction with STEPS Engineering Ireland,  the aim of the event was to make engineering more fun and accessible.

In what proved a thrilling, interactive and sometimes explosive show, the students observed presenter James Soper (aka The Juggling Scientist) allow hydrogen balloons go 'bang', and water stay in a glass when turned upside down (over their heads) and even saw a piece of potato fire at over 300 km/hr.


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