DIT Hothouse to exhibit at National Ploughing Championship Innovation Arena

Bovalert, a DIT Hothouse technology developed in the MiCRA centre at the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITTD), has been selected as one of 32 finalists to exhibit at the Innovation Arena at the 2014 National Ploughing Championships in association with Enterprise Ireland and Toplink.ie. Bovalert was selected from over 70 applications.

National Ploughing Championships 2014

The National Ploughing Championships is Europe's largest outdoor exhibition and agricultural trade show, attracting an average of 1,350 exhibitors and over 200,000 visitors each year. To learn more about the event and to book your tickets, visit www.npa.ie 


About BovAlert

BovAlert is an electrochemical diagnostic device which tests the milk of animal herds for liver fluke, providing quick and easy information regarding disease status. The liver-fluke test produces differential information regarding vaccinated versus fluke-infected animal test results. This innovative technology is based on ITT Dublin’s membrane touch and electrochemical ELISA technologies and offers the following advantages to dairy farmers;  

  • It enables rapid and quantitative measurement of anti-Fasciola antibodies in milk and sera.
  • Facilitates out of laboratory testing with results in under ten minutes.
  • Requires minimal end user input (sample in, result out).
  • Capable of multiplexing and being expanded to detect a wide variety of heard diseases.
  • Single use disposable and very cost effective.

Click here to download the BovAlert Technology Information Sheet

Dr. James Hayes, MiCRA Centre manager and Bovalert Principal Investigator will be on hand at the Innovation Arena to discuss this innovation as well as other ground-breaking research being carried out by the MiCRA Centre.

Further Information

To learn more about BovAlert or other Food and Life Science technologies available through DIT Hothouse, contact Kieran O'Connell, DIT Hothouse Food and Life Science Executive on +353 87 926 8657 or email kieran.oconnell@dit.ie

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