DIT lecturers launch new Journal of Social Care

01 July 2014:     The Journal of Social Care (JSOC), a new journal dedicated purely to the profession of social carehas just been launched byFiona McSweeney and Dave Williams, two lecturers in theSchool of Social Sciences and Law, DIT. The journal aims to provide a platform for social care practitioners and students to publish research relevant to the practice of social care workers, managers and students.  Appearing at a time where registration for social care practitioners is imminent and the consequent requirement for engagement in continuing professional development, the journal will assist practitioners to contribute to their own and others professional development through their publications.  Members of the editorial board include social care practitioners, managers and educators.


The aims of the Journal of Social Care are to:

  • Provide a forum where practitioners and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of social care can share their research and reflections with others.
  • Make the process of research more accessible to new researchers by highlighting examples of good research and literature reviews relevant to social care practice.
  • Make available to a wider audience the range of research topics that are being explored by students and practitioners in social care to facilitate potential dialogue and collaboration.

More details can be found at http://arrow.dit.ie/jsoc


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