DIT Samba Society launch DIT Samba Carnival – proceeds to Barretstown


25 February 2014:      DIT Samba Society is proud to announce their very first Carnival – DIT Samba Carnival. Carnival goers will be able to experience the extravagant and sensational event from the streets of Brazil. The sights and sounds of this yearly festival will be brought to Dublin's very own Grand Social on Wednesday the 5th of March.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament taking place this summer in Brazil, there is growing excitement in Brazilian culture and events. DIT’s Samba Society are going to attempt to bring the sights and sounds of the Carnival of Brazil to the heart of Dublin to immerse the Carnival goers in a huge part of Brazilian culture.  Throughout the night people will hear samba music performed by nationally recognised samba bands as well as performances from DIT’s Circus and Juggling society. Samba dancers in colourful, vibrant and feathered costumes will be dancing amongst the crowd and around the venue. The combinations of the music, atmosphere, sights and euphoria will make it feel as though people are right in the heart of Carnival itself in Brazil. 


Speaking about this upcoming event, Samba Society Social Media Officer Rachel Egan had this to say; “From the bands performing on the night, to the dancers with their extravagant outfits, those attending on the night will be immersed in an environment that will make it seem as though they are in the heart of Carnival in Brazil itself.   With performances from Dublin’s own Samba bands, Morro 16 and MaSamba, as well as DIT’ s very own Samba Society, this promises to be a night that will get your pulses beating.”


Tickets for Samba Carnival are available from Student Union shops on DIT campus’ and will be available on the door at The Grand Social on the 5th of March. Tickets are €5 for students and €7 otherwise. Also available on www.tickets.ie

DIT Samba Society Twitter - https://twitter.com/DITSamba
D.I.T Samba Society Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/SambaSoc
D.I.T Samba Society Contact Email - samba@socs.dit.ie

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