DIT signs Agreement with Liaoning University, China


Professor Michael Devereux, Dean of College of Sciences and Health in DIT and  Professor Xu, Vice President of Liaoning University‌

DIT recently signed a collaboration agreement with Liaoning University, Shenyang, China.  Established in 1948, Liaoning University is one of the leading universities listed in the Chinese Government’s "Project 211". 

The initial objectives of the DIT-LNU Agreement are to develop both a faculty exchange programme and a student exchange programme in the areas of Computer Science and Food Science and Environmental Health.  As part of the staff exchange programme, Chinese Language lecturers from LNU will come to DIT to advise on the delivery of the new BSc programme in Computer Science (International), enabling DIT students to speak Chinese with native speakers.

It is intended that further collaborations in other disciplines and other activities will develop over time.


LNU is located in Liaoning province, People's Republic of China, in the northern part of Shenyang with the Korean Peninsula to the east, the Yellow Sea to the south and Beijing to the west. The University has forty-three undergraduate disciplines, fifty-three master degree granting disciplines, including MBA and JM.   LNU has over 18,000 students, including 5,000 international students.

With a population of 44 million, and a per capita GDP of CN¥ 41,782 Liaoning has the largest economy in Northeast China. The two cities in the province are Dalian and its capital Shenyang. Building on its international status the city of Shenyang has attracted a whole host of high-tech ICT companies into the region, being one of the first Chinese cities to openly embrace the ICT industry.  Liaoning is a natural partner for Dublin, which has  one of the highest concentration of ICT companies in the world.

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