DIT Student wins Major International Culinary Science Competition

Ciarán Doyle (Fourth Year BA in Culinary Arts) represented the class members of the Intermediate Molecular Gastronomy module at the 2nd International Contest of Note by Note cooking in Paris on May 23rd. They claimed first prize at the prestigious event for their dishes.


From left to right: Dr Roisin Burke, Ms Pauline Danaher, Ciarán Doyle, Dr Frank Cullen, Mr Martin Maguire LaRousse foods

Note by Note Cooking is a new culinary technique using pure compounds in order to make dishes. Applicants were asked to make between one and three dishes all containing methional. This compound has a strong odour of cooked potatoes, with bacon notes. In the kitchen, it can indeed appear during potato cooking, for example, but also during tea production. The submitted dishes were judged by award winning French chefs including the famous three star Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire, chemist Dr. Hervé This (Co-founder of Molecular Gastronomy) and industry personnel. Ciarán's dish was featured in New Scientist magazine (June 7th edition).

Special thanks to LaRousse foods who very kindly sponsored Ciarán’s travel.


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