DIT's new VHF-Enabling Waterproof  Smartphone Case is Making Waves

DIT Hothouse have an exciting new licensing opportunity for a novel waterproof and shockproof smartphone casing design that enables VHF (Very high frequency) radio functions through a mobile phone. The technology was developed in DIT recently and has already attracted significant media attention.

VHF Casemate
Sean Toomey, a DIT Product Design Student has developed a novel design for a waterproof and shockproof smartphone casing that enables VHF (Very high frequency) radio functions through a mobile phone. The device is designed to improve the speed of rescue in the case of emergency on open water, as VHF is an extremely reliable signal which can be easily tracked.

Media Coverage
The VHF Casemate has already attracted significant media attention including the Irish Examiner Newspaper who recently published a feature on the new technology. Click here to read the article


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Download the VHF Casemate Technology Information Sheet or view the short video demo below;

Commercial OpportunityVHF Casemate phone image body
DIT Hothouse is currently seeking a commercial partner to take this technology to market. VHF Handheld radios currently retail in‌ between €50 and €200 per unit, demonstrating the value that consumers place on this functionality. The VHF casemate offers the consumer a low cost alternative using existing smartphone technology.

DIT Hothouse offers excellent commercial terms to licensees on technologies developed through DIT research.

Further Information and Demonstration
If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology, view a live demonstration or discuss licensing opportunities, please contact Dermot Tierney, DIT Hothouse Senior Licensing Executive on +353 1 402 7128 or email dermot.tierney@dit.ie

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