Allegro for Adults: Music Courses at DIT CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC & DRAMA

Posted: 25 September, 2014

Some places still available for 2014-2015  - please contact

These innovative music courses for adults – Allegro 1 and Allegro 2 - are class-based, one-year courses for adults. 



Allegro 1 requires no previous musical experience and covers foundation - intermediate level musicianship. The course has three components:

  1. aural training – learning about rhythm and melody through singing
  2. written skills – learning about keys, scales, intervals and chords and how to use them in a musical context.. Also some of the basics of composition will be covered.
  3. listening – learning how to listen to music and develop an understanding of musical styles.

Allegro 2 requires a minimum of 3 year musical experience. It has the three components of an all-round music education programme:

  1. aural training – sight singing including two-part singing, canons and singing in harmony
  2. composition– learning how to compose melodies with modulation, how to harmonize a melody or write a melody over figured bass. Introduction to counterpoint will be covered.
  3. listening. – a range of musical styles from the Baroque to the modern period. Learning how to read/follow a musical score and understanding form in music

Both programmes will include optional attendance at concerts (NCH), trips to IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern or other arts events.

Both courses are assessed on the basis of continuous assessment with an end-of-year exam. On successful completion of each course students will obtain CPD certification equivalent to 5ECTS credits.

Download the Allegro for Adults application form

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