1 Programme, 2 Degrees, 3 Partners: DIT launches International Computer Science Degree

Posted: 21 October, 2014

A “Double-Irish” solution?  Irish Computer Science students head to Europe, China and Korea for Double Degrees to help solve the skills shortage in the Irish ICT sector

Where once Ireland looked west to the US and Silicon Valley for technology ideas and foreign investment, in recent years it is increasingly looking to the East, to countries such as China and Korea.  The ICT sector globally is worth $4 trillion dollars and Ireland has the highest concentration of ICT multinationals outside of Silicon Valley.  The ICT sector in Ireland accounts for nearly 4% of the Irish workforce and Forfas are predicting that there will be 45,000 vacancies in the ICT sector in Ireland by 2017.   Up to 50% of jobs in Irish-based ICT companies are filled by international talent at present and attracting international students to Ireland helps safeguard the future of the industry here.  Software Engineering is repeatedly ranked in the top 5 career choices for flexibility, pay and career opportunities, many of which exist in high profile industry leaders like IBM, Samsung, Apple, SAP and Microsoft.  There is a thriving indigenous SME sector also and many Irish software companies are nowmulti-nationals in their own right.  Regardless of size, software companies need graduates who can work in a global context – across time zones, across continents and across languages and cultures.


In response, DIT School of Computer Science launched its International Computer Science Degree on Thursday 16th October 2014 at an event attended by the Ambassadors of Finland and Korea and with representatives of its partner colleges from Korea, China, Germany, Finland and Tanzania.  Irish students can graduate with a European Double Degree in Information Technology which was also launched at the event and there are plans to develop a Korean-Europe Double Degree in IT in the coming year.   The International Computer Science degree will produce graduates with the skills needed to work in the global ICT sector and who have an understanding of multinational issues and work practices, languages and cultures.

We’ve deliberately set out to connect the leading ICT centres in the world, working with our partners in Finland, Korea, China and Germany.  We work with the largest Schools of Computer Science in these regions, so together we have a certain amount of critical mass on an international scale – and the ability to make a real difference ” said Dr. Deirdre Lillis, Head of School of Computer Science in DIT.  ‘We aim to be the key source of skills for the global ICT hub in Dublin”

The International Computer Science Degree connects European, Chinese, Korean and African Higher Education Institutions and leverages their relationships with ICT companies which are innovation-focused and internationally-oriented in their products and services.

As part of the International Computer Science Degree, students have the opportunity to become proficient in Chinese and German, and also take language and cultural training in Korean, Finnish, Irish and German.  Students will spend a semester abroad on study/work experience in a European country, China or Korea.  A unique online module (the Global Classroom ) connects students in all partner colleges which mimics the work practices of the ICT industry and is delivered across time zones and continents. In time a Europe-Korea-China-Africa network of ICT professionals will be established which will underpin trade in the regions for years to come.  DIT School of Computing recently won significant EU funding under the EU-Industrialised Countries programme with Korea for the GlobalWorkIT project.

To find out more about the BSc. in Computer Science (International) at DIT, visit http://www.dit.ie/computing/prospectivestudents/programmesoffered/dt282bscin‌computerscienceinternational/

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