DIT receives gift of Leica precision instrument for surveying

Posted: 6 November, 2014

Students of surveying in DIT will now have access to the top of the range Leica Nova MS50, thanks to a donation of the equipment by Leica in Ireland.   Mr. John Kerrigan, Ireland Manager for Leica Geosystems Ltd, and Mr John Caffrey, Managing Director of Leica agent, Survey Instrument Services Ltd, came to the Grangegorman campus this week to present the equipment in person to the President of DIT, Professor Brian Norton and to Dr. Eugene McGovern, from the School of Surveying and Construction.

John Kerrigan, Ireland Manager, Leica Geosystems Ltd, with the Leica Nova MS50

Mr. Kerrigan, who is a graduate of surveying in DIT, explained that the Nova MS50 represents the culmination of 200 years of development in the manufacture of precision surveying equipment by the Swiss-based Leica company. “This instrument combines the best of both robotic total station and laser scanning technologies, providing 1,000 points per second of laser scan data capture, and also integrates imaging and GNSS capabilities for the ultimate all-in-one surveying instrument.”

Leica presentation:  Professor Brian Norton receiving the donation of top of the range Leica surveying instruments, presented by John Kerrigan, Ireland Manager, Leica Geosystems Ltd

Expressing his gratitude for the very generous gift, Professor Norton said “The significance of this gift and the opportunity it provides to our students cannot be underestimated.  It is very important as they acquire professional knowledge and expertise, that they can use the kind of equipment that is used in the field.  In DIT we emphasise the value of experiencing real life situations in preparation for successful careers and as graduate himself, John Kerrigan is very familiar with our ethos. We greatly appreciate the generosity of Leica in making this donation to DIT.”

The Leica Nova MS50, which will be available to students of Surveying in DIT

Dr. Eugene McGovern said the monetary value of the donation, including hardware and associated point cloud and photogrammetric processing software, is over €50,000.   “The value to students in terms of teaching and learning is really tremendous tremendous as they will be exposed to, and become familiar with, the state-of-the-art in terms of surveying equipment and solutions. The potential applications of this instrument are wide-ranging and include mapping, modelling and monitoring. As such, it is very much aligned with the College’s push towards collaboration and integration within the CEBE professions and the College’s innovative Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategy.”

Dr. Eugene McGovern, School of Surveying and Construction, with (left) Mr. John Caffrey, Survey Instrument Services Ltd and Leica agent in Ireland, and (right) Mr. John Kerrigan

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