Launch of Internet Content Governance Report chaired by Dr. Brian O’Neill

Dublin, 24 June 2014              Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte TD, today launched the Report of the Internet Content Governance Advisory (ICGA) Group, chaired by DIT academic Dr. Brian O’Neill.  Minister Rabbitte formed the Internet Content Governance Advisory Group in December 2013 to provide him with expert, independent advice in forming legislative, policy and regulatory recommendations to Government on a range of internet content governance issues for which responsibility is spread across a number of Government Departments.     The report sets out a package of measures outlining the key elements of government responsibility in this cross-cutting area.


Speaking at the launch of the report, the Minister commentedThe way in which we all use the internet and social media is fast changing. However, these dramatic changes to the communications landscape do not warrant unilateral blocking action by Government. It falls to us all, but most particularly to parents, to keep an eye on what their children are doing online. The State must and, on foot of this report, will do more in this area, including ensuring that parents, children, and teachers should have access to all the information and resources from Government that they need to ensure that children are safe online.”

The Minister reflected on the wide ranging recommendations of the report which include changes to institutional, legislative and administrative governance arrangements and praised the Group’s proactive and consultative approach in preparing the report: 

 “My thanks go to the Group’s Chairperson Dr Brian O’Neill who deftly steered the work of the Group and indeed to all the Group members who freely donated their time and expertise to this important contribution to policy formation on internet content governance in this country.” 

Dr Brian O’Neill is Head of Research, College of Arts & Tourism, DIT. His areas of research include media literacy, policymaking and public interest issues in media and communications related to children and youth. He is leading a new research project studying young people’s use of mobile connected devices.  He is a member of Ireland's Internet Safety Advisory Council and is national coordinator for EU Kids Online, a 33-country network supported under the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme. He was appointed as an Independent Assessor to the ICT Coalition for a Safer Internet for Children and Young People in May of this year.

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