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Third year geomatics students get a first look at the new equipment donated by Topcon

17 January 2014: Geomatics is at the cutting edge of technology, positioning graduates in exciting careers and also leading to a number of graduates going on to attain Masters and Doctorate degrees in the subject area.

The BSc in Geomatics (Surveying and Mapping) is a four year Honours degree at DIT. Graduates of the course from 2013 have all gained employment and the degree has an industrial placement for workplace experience, which is vital for students to gain real-world experience.

Students on the course benefit from state of the art surveying and mapping systems which have been donated by major equipment manufacturers.

Last October, global precision instrument manufacturer Topcon made a gift of state of the art equipment to DIT.  Presenting the gift Dr Ray O’Connor, the Irish-born head of Topcon Positioning Systems and a DIT graduate, said there is huge need for trained professionals in these fields now and for the future.  He emphasised the importance for graduates coming out of higher education to be familiar with current processes and equipment so they can easily adapt to the workplace environment. 

The equipment will provide students of disciplines including geomatics, surveying, architecture and construction with an exceptional opportunity to learn using the very latest technology.

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