New DIT Cold Plasma Technology makes snack foods healthier

Enhancing Oil Spreadability in Snack Foods

Researchers from DIT's Food and Health Research Centre (FHRC) have developed a novel technology for enhancing oil spreadability on snack food products, such as biscuits and crisps. The process involves passing dry snack foods through a plasma curtain before spreading food-grade oil (e.g. vegetable, sunflower, animal fat oil) over the product surface. This method can reduce the fat content of food by 50-75% while maintaining the taste and appearance of your product. Download the DIT Cold Plasma Technology Information Sheet


Commercial Opportunity
DIT’s technology transfer office, DIT Hothouse is seeking a commercial partner in the snack food industry to license this innovative technology. This technology is superior to existing industrial snack food processing techniques as it reduces input costs, yields a higher production output and contributes to improved product taste, texture and appearance. Most importantly, it yields a healthier end product in terms of lower fat content. DIT Hothouse offers excellent commercial terms to licensees on technologies developed through DIT research.

The Intellectual Property associated with this technology is based on non-thermal/non-equilibrium plasma for modification of food products. The technology is patent-pending. 

Further Information and Demonstration
If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology, view a live demonstration or discuss licensing opportunities, please contact Stephen Davis, DIT Hothouse Marketing Officer on +353 1 402 7144 or email

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