Plagiarism and Academic Integrity in a Digital Age   


Friday 25th April 2014, DIT Aungier Street, 10am to 2pm  *


This symposium, convened at DIT by the Learning Teaching and Technology Centre with IT Tallaght and IT Blanchardstowns, is one of a series of seminars sponsored by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. It is free, and open to all academic staff with an interest in the policies and issues surrounding plagiarism at third-level colleges.

Seminar Overview

Students transitioning to third-level directly after the Leaving Cert generally face a dilemma: having been accustomed to a style of examination which encourages rote learning, essentially a form of plagiarism, they are now told that such practices are unacceptable. As a result, students and academic staff alike can end up confused about what exactly constitutes plagiarism and how to handle instances of possible plagiarism when they arise. In the digital age, plagiarism detection has become almost a fad within third-level colleges, and the prevailing emphasis tends towards detection and policing.

This symposium will seek to discuss institutional and local policies on plagiarism in a digital age, but will also discuss the broader issues of academic ethics and intellectual integrity. Topics covered will include defining what we mean by plagiarism; the strengths and weaknesses of plagiarism-detection software; the variety of policies across third-level institutions in Ireland and abroad; and whether there is a need for a different approach to plagiarism in a digital age. The main focus will be on what we should be doing to promote academic integrity.  

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