ProductCamp Dublin 2014 - Advancing the growth agenda for Ireland’s technology professionals


Members of the organising committee Simon Pepper – Axiologix, Bob Tait – DecaWave, Mary Ryan – Product Innovator, Fred Raguillat – IBM, Graham Fallon – Oracle, John Maguire – S3 Group, and Eoin Kirwan – Fineos, pictured here with Claire Mc Bride, chair of DIT-ISA Skillnet Product Management Programmes. Photograph: Andrew Harbourne-Thomas/Postgraduate Product Management class of 2014.

Thursday 05 June:  The  third annual Product Camp Dublin took place in DIT Aungier Street this week, hosted by  the DIT College of Business.  The 2014 event reached a new high, attracting participation by 155 professionals who are all engaged in product management, product marketing, product development and related roles.   True to the spirit of this participant-driven conference, those in attendance engaged in presentations and discussions on an array of hot topics including: Data analytics for market disruption – Qualifying and prioritising innovative ideas - Product management’s relationship with sales – Product Marketing-Product Management boundaries or the lack of them - Channel Management effectiveness and Founder/CEO expectations of the Product Management function. 


In keeping with the Product Camp tradition, Bob Tait of the PC Dublin team asks participants to vote for the sessions they’d like to attend. Only those selected by popular vote run.

According to Claire Mc Bride, chair of DIT-ISA Skillnet Product Management Programmes, “ Product Camp Dublin has firmly put its name on the map as Social Networking central for the growing number of professionals involved in Product Management across Ireland’s indigenous and FDI technology sector. Thanks to the sponsors, the organising team and most of all the participants, there’s no doubt that the learning, knowledge sharing and expertise-building at the event will contribute to the scalability of this all-important sector in the Irish economy.”

The organising team looks forward to seeing you at Product Camp 2015!


Members of the organising committee with Paul O’Sullivan, Dean and director of DIT’s College of Business.

For more information on DIT’s suite of ISA-Skillnet Product Management programmes, click here….

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