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DIT students compete in international design build competition in the USA

Posted: 23 February, 2015

DIT construction management/ architecture students collaborate with oklohoma university construction science students in international design/build competition

L-R Third year Construction Management student Williams Gadimoh, 4th Architecture student Chloe Marie and final year Construction Management student Conor Cassidy get ready for departure to ASC Design Build competition in Norman Oklahoma and Dallas Texas

Dublin Institute of Technology Construction Management and Architecture students have teamed up with their Construction Science/Architecture counterparts at Oklahoma University and will travel to Texas to compete in the annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region V TEXO Design Build competition sponsored by Speed Fab-Crete.

Williams Gadimoh, Conor Cassidy and Chloe Marie from DIT, with three students of Construction Science and Architecture at Oklahoma University, will be the fourth DIT/Oklahoma University team to compete in this prestigious annual competition. 

International Team Coach and Professor of Practice Lloyd Scott from DIT has welcomed the continuation of this initiative between DIT and the University of Oklahoma.  “This international collaboration has developed well and we are continuing to build on what has been learnt in each of the previous years. This year’s team started working together in early November via Skype and other online systems and they have done a great deal of preparation for the competition.”

The competition provides an opportunity for students from differing cultures who have a common area of study to come together and collaborate on a common project. With the rise in global construction and the recent down turn in the industry in Ireland, Scott believes that Built Environment students at DIT "must be prepared to consider working in a global environment.  A competition such as the ASC Design/Build provides this opportunity, for students to learn from their peers in an international context”.

The format of this competition is very exacting.  Competing teams are given a request for proposal (RFP) and are given a 16-hour ‘lockdown’ period in which they must design the project, estimate the cost, schedule the construction process and provide a management plan.  The DIT/University of Oklahoma team will complete their task in Norman, Oklahoma but once the ‘lockdown’ period is over, they will travel to Dallas to submit their design folder and to prepare their presentation.  

Each team will then be invited to present their designs and solutions to a panel of judges at the Texo Head Office in Dallas. The DIT/Oklahoma University international team are competing in the Design Build section of the competition. Other teams in the competition will be Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee, Texas A&M, Texas A&M-Commerce, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, Texas Tech University, University of Louisiana-Monroe, John Brown University and Louisiana Tech University. Deakin University, University of Southern Australia and University of the West of England will also form part of the international contingent travelling to compete.

For further information contact:

Professor Lloyd Scott

Further information on the competition can be found by visiting the competition website:

You can also follow the students’ blog at:

L-R Dr. Mark Shelbourn from University of West of England with DIT Design Build team William Gadimoh, Chloe Marie, Conor Cassidy and team coach Professor Lloyd Scott