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Beautiful 19th century iron gates resinstated at Grangegorman

Posted: 24 February, 2015

Following extensive renovation by Bushy Park Ironworks, the very fine wrought iron gates to the Grangegorman Campus have been reinstated.

According to architect Una Sugrue, Grangegorman Development Agency, “The Dublin-forged gates are historically very significant and appear to date from between c.1820 and 1865 when the Loftus Bryan foundry was in operation in the city.  The iron appears to have come from ‘Glydbach’ in Wales.”‌ 

While the granite gateway was originally erected c.1780, the granite piers which now form the monumental entrance to the western quarter of Grangegorman are thought to have been erected c.1940.  The piers were salvaged from Santry House which was destroyed by fire during the ‘Emergency’ years of World War II.

Bushy Park Ironworks carried out the works which involved both restoration and some limited reconstruction of the wrought iron elements.  The removal of’ corrosion jacking’ and modern electric welds was a key part of the conservation programme. The original ‘slam plate’ has also  been restored.

Wrought iron is no longer manufactured in these islands, but salvaged and reforged iron has been sourced from Yorkshire  for the repair works.