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Thousand visitors to Grangegorman for graduate exhibition

Posted: 8 June, 2015

Over a thousand visitors arrived on the Grangegorman campus for the official opening of LIFT OFF ? the graduate exhibition of work by students of art, design and photography.

Final year students of Visual Communications, Alan Harbron, Sarah McCoy and Grainne Barry Wallace, who designed the LIFT OFF campaign for Graduate Exhibition 2015 at Grangegorman

As well as viewing the huge range of creativity showcased in the exhibition, visitors also had an opportunity to see the new campus for the first time.


Ben Walshe, graduate of Furniture Design, with Concreation

The LIFT OFF campaign was designed and implemented by three final year students of Visual Communications – Sarah McCoy, Alan Harbron and Grainne Barry Wallace.  The three designers came up with the concept design for LIFT OFF and then implemented it consistently through signage and way finding, posters and invitations, and in the excellent catalogue that will be a calling card for the graduating class of 2015 and may become a collector’s item!


Kevin Lindsay, graduate of Fine Art, with pieces of his sculptural work

Following the official launch and presentation of awards on Friday 05 June, the exhibition is open to the public until Friday 12th June.

Laura Mulligan, graduate of Visual Merchandising – ‘It Starts with the Yarn’

Sharon O’Connor, graduate of Fine Art – “Unnoticed”

Class of 2015 celebrate at Graduate Exhibition in Grangegorman